Decentralized Human Democracy

Holismo is an open-source and decentralized project that reimagines democracy for the digital age. Using the Idena network and peer-to-peer technologies, Holismo offers an uncensorable platform for individual expression. The project ensures a secure, fair, and transparent environment where citizens can propose and vote on laws. It represents an experimental vision of what democracy could be in the digital era.

Free Speech

Free speech fuels dialogue and progress, requiring a balance between voicing opinions and respecting others.


Transparency cultivates trust and accountability, enabling clear communication and strengthening community ties.


Digital tools can make democratic process more efficient, leading to faster decision-making and implementation of policies.


With barriers such as distance and physical ability minimized, a wider demographic can participate in democratic processes.

We are free and equal

In a cyberdemocracy, equality is key. Digital platforms can level the playing field, giving each citizen an equal voice regardless of location or status.

" Today you think you are alone, tomorrow, you will realize that you were millions. "

“We represent the citizens and their interests. We are receptive, propose ideas, and synthesize those of others, in order to reach consensus.”

Parliament Members

Elected By Citizen

“We evolve the protocol and improve its defenses. We share information with the greatest number and guarantee transparency.”


 “We are the guardians of democracy and the security of the protocol. We are an indirect executive power, subject to citizen directives.”


Your Life, Your Rigths.

Discover how to participate in the protocol and get your first NFTs. Be a part of this democratic revolution.


To join Holismo, you must have a validated identity on the Idena network. Get your invitation and participate in the next validation on app.idena.io.

To get your first NFTs, there are two solutions:

  • Participate in all the ‘Holismo’ oracle votes that will be proposed to you on the Idena application.
  • Contribute to the development of applications and the communication of the project.

During Phase 1, all topics will be debated on the Idena Discord. Once the protocol is operational, different communication channels will be available for you to discuss various topics.

No, Holismo is an alternative to the current international democratic system. The objective is to offer a means of free and decentralized expression. We invite all citizens and governments worldwide to join us in building the democracy of tomorrow.

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